Leanne Wenban
When my wonderland makeup package arrived through the post i was really impressed, it came very quickly and the exterior packaging kept all the products secure and safe from damage. Upon opening and swatching my products i can honestly say that these products are at the same level of professional quality as every other well known professional make up brand out there, if not better! My favorite product is the wonderlandmakeup loose pigments, due to there being such a wide variety of colours with plenty of ranges such as warm and cool toned group colours, neutral shades and ‘party’ shades, there is also a range of types too choose from, such as shimmering, sparkly and matte. the products are all highly pigmented and very easy to blend, they come in easy to open and hygienic packaging that is any makeup artists dream! So far ive ordered 18 of the pigments and i shall definitely order alot more! im so glad i found out about wonderlandmakeup as i do not know how i did my makeup before i had any of their products! i would one hundered percent reccomend this cosmetic company to anyone and everyone, whether it is for personal use, just starting out in the make up industry or even if you have years of experience. Overall this cosmetic company is professional, secure and highly rated by myself and many others
Leanne Wenban / Instagram @lwenban
Ekaterina Sarycheva
Wonderland Makeup is absolutely incredible! So many varieties of products and colors! This is one stop shop for all of your makeup needs. From primers to pigments they got it all. Eyeshadows , lipsticks and pigments are extremely pigmented and smooth as a silk, blushes are absolutely radiant they melt into your skin so beautifully.
Powder foundation will keep you looking fresh and shine free all day and their primer is one of the best primers I have used and I used a lot in my life. It quickly became my Holly Grail. All I can say is I absolutely love this company and their products!

Ekaterina Sarycheva / Instagram @perecrestok
Jessica Scoles
I love Wonderland Makeup. Beautiful packaging and a truly quality product! The lipsticks are such a smooth and buttery texture with great buildable coverage, and a pleasant smell. The Wonderdust loose pigments are another favorite Wonderland product of mine. They are intensely pigmented and worn over a cream or liquid base they last all day without creasing fading or smudging! Also like all the Wonderland products they come in an extensive shade selection!
I have used the Studio Finish Powder foundation both on its own and applied with a brush over liquid foundation and I was quite impressed with the coverage and texture, it goes on smoothly with good coverage but still feels fairly lightweight on the skin. Also as someone with very sensitive skin, a huge selling point for me is the fact that not a single one of the Wonderland Makeup Products has ever irritated my skin!
The studio finish primer has a wonderful silky texture and I would recommend using it under any foundation or powder! The blushes one of the best that I’ve ever tried and I wear them almost exclusively these days! I adore the variety of shades and the color payout is perfect! They are soft and blend so smoothly on the skin, and unlike some blushes and bronzers they never leave me with bumps or clogged pores on my cheeks!
The eye shadows are also a very good product, the pigment isn’t as intense, they are a bit more sheer than some I have tried but they are buildable and they blend beautifully, also they come in a great color selection! The lash thickening mascara is great, not clumpy at all and not too liquid, it builds very well and I find two coats gives me a noticeable amount of volume, reminds me a bit of Dior Show mascara!
Wonderland Makeup is a product I believe in! I love using it for myself and I would recommend it to any of my brides or clients of any age! I recently used the product on my mother (54) and she was thrilled! There are color options for everyone and the quality is undeniable! I am so excited to see what products are added next!

Jessica Scoles / Instagram @wallflower_artistry
Jade Deacon
As an avid collector of makeup I started using Wonderlandmakeup I recently fell in love with there brand and I have to say I’m such a huge fan. The pigmentation in there Wonderdust loose pigments are amazing especially there Lolite, Burst, The golden orange and 24k in gold are my absolute favourite’s it’s so hard finding a shimmer that’s so long lasting with such good
Pigment too. There lipsticks are highly
pigmented Pink squeeze , Luscious pink and Nude are my favourites I love that the texture is so creamy that it does not dry your lips out which makes it last longer throughout the day. The eyeshadow’s are so strong in pigment and also long lasting I love the variety of colours the brand has which some bright matte colours that blend so well are hard to find like Twisted, Marina and C Blue you can choose so many different eyeshadow colours especially if you love creating colourful make up art looks which I like to do all of the time , another product I like are the blusher’s Bronzed is one my favourite’s I use it to contour on myself and some clients I also like to use it as an eyeshadow it’s very highly pigmented too and lasts me throughout the day for blusher’s on my skin I like to use the pink out and peach o peach as there lighter colours and go nice on my skin tone , there Studio Finish Primer also helps my makeup to last longer as its oil free which I need as my skin is quite oily and it gives my skin a flawless look, so if you love makeup like me I’d highly recommend using wonderlandmakeup products you won’t be disappointed with this brand as there also very affordable for having such highly pigmented products with amazing bright colours.

Jade Deacon / Instagram @jadedeacon
Dreambolic Art
The wonder dust loose pigment shadows from Wonderland cosmetics are both well presented and can easily compete and stand next to other accomplished cosmetic brands. Upon receiving a handful of their loose pigment shadows and glitters I found myself amazed at how beautifully presented they were; as each shadow had been packaged in their own individual box that showed the beautiful pigment in a glass jar. The jar is a screw cap and beneath that – a salt shaker filter that you can remove but personally I prefer to use the shaker filter and put my desired quantity into the lid.
Whenever I am hired to paint a client for a masquerade or Halloween/ dress up party, I am instantly using and recommending Wonderland Cosmetics.
They are affordable and are in a good price bracket for the pigment quantity you receive. I am located in Australia and I received my order quickly, faster than predicted. Another good note is that Wonderland Cosmetics have good communication between seller and buyer.
NOW for the pigments. I did a swatch test of each other the colours and found they are fantastic with both colour and shine. The application was smooth and blending is a breeze with these loose pigments. The glitters were beautiful and are not over the top sparkly, just right for any look where you need that extra but if shine! For the glitter however I would recommend a primer or some type of glitter adhesive if you want a heavy glitter/glam look, as the glitter has a lot of fallout upon application. But other than that I cannot knock Wonderland Cosmetics. For a startup brand they have done a FANTASTIC job! And I hope to work closely with them in the future in promoting their products further as this brand is definitely a brand I intend to return to!

Dreambolic Art / Instagram @dreambolic1
Isadora Blake
Wonderland Makeup Product review.

It’s been over four months since I first started using Wonderland makeup. When I first got them I was so impressed with the packaging, it looked really classy and I could tell Wonderland had put a lot of effort into making it stand out.

Opening the Eyeshadows, lipsticks, pigments I squeaks with excitement  at how pretty they looked! I was in makeup heaven! I remember I did swatches of lipsticks first. They were pigmented and felt very buttery and I loved how they didn’t have any crazy scent in them. The studio finish primer felt so good! Smooth with a matt finish it was perfect especially for the price! Primers are always expensive. Pigments were pretty but i felt they needed a mixing medium. Other than that, they were very pigmented and good quantity.Eye shadows weren’t so pigmented when I tried them and I was so gutted! But then that was without any eye shadow primer. Once I applied a base and wet my brush, the pigments in the Eyeshadows popped right out! It was like magic!! I swatched all the Eyeshadows with a base and the colours showed up so beautifully! My favourite one is Snowy, I also use it as a highlighter on my Cupid’s bow, brow bone and cheek bones, just brilliant.
The mascara’s I found didn’t have much product in them, not sure if it had dried up but I didn’t want to chuck them out so I added a little saline solution which is an old makeup trick I learnt a while back and boom! The mascara wand I was also impressed with. Blushes are all beautiful, I love them and find them pigmented and they seem to last at least up to six hours wearable time. I love how there’s a wide variety of colours to choose from as well. Studio finish powder foundation is amazing!! I don’t want to compare but it’s up there with the M.A.C finishing powders in my humble opinion. I use it all the time but I do wear a very light liquid foundation underneath because I have medium to dry skin. Overall, all the products are really good especially for the price you pay. I’ve used them on clients and they seem to love it and even ordered some for themselves. Since the day I received my Wonderland products I’ve been using them in all my makeup looks. I wear them out day and night. They are long lasting, cruelty and vegan free which is such a bonus. Would I spend money on more Wonderland products? Most definitely!!! And I will continue recommending it to friends, family and clients. How would I rate them out of ten, I would say 8/10 I love how affordable everything is you don’t feel like you’re being ripped off or spending a fortune on makeup. With so many other brands to choose from I feel wonderland is one that’s going to be good bang for your buck and you won’t be disappointed.

Isadora Blake / Instagram @Isadora Blake
Lucinda Graham

Wonderland Makeup is one of my favorite up and coming brands at the moment. They have an extensive range of cosmetics, from lipsticks to eyeshadow and even foundation. I have been using their products for just over 3 months and they have become some of my staples in my collection. My favorite product out of the range, have to be the pigments. With over 90 colors to choose, you’ll be spoiled for choice. They are easy to apply and can be used wet or dry, depending on the intensity you would like. They are also highly pigmented. The packaging is sleek and modern. I like that it has a stopper to prevent pigment from falling out, whereas other brands, you constantly get a problem with fall out from the jars. Another stand-out product for me has to be the lipsticks. They come in a bullet casing with the “Wonderland” logo tastefully smacked on the front. They come in different formulas i.e matte, satin, etc. The matte ones are highly pigmented and one swipe will get you full coverage.

They aren’t drying and feel comfortable on the lips, as they have a creamy texture to them. They wear well throughout the day but like most lipsticks, need to be re-applied after eating or drinking, with just a little touch up. I highly recommend trying these.
Wonderland Makeup blushes, are hands down my FAVORITE blushes of ALL TIME! The blushes come in a variety of colors and cater to all skin tones! A little goes a very long way, so all you need is a little dab on your brush and a very light hand to apply them. They can also double up as Eyeshadows and Bronzers, depending on the colors you choose. Again, the packaging is spot-on and has clear top with a sturdy closure so finding them in your drawers is easier. Two other of my favorite products is definitely the Studio Finishing Primer and The Lash Lengthening Mascara. I use these two on a daily basis. The Studio Finishing Primer is a makeup base and can be used to help smooth out your skin and give you that flawless base. Sometimes I use it on its own to make my skin look smoother. It’s also oil-free which means it won’t clog your pores! The Lash Lengthening Mascara is a must-have! This mascara has fibers inside it and can be built up without giving you that clumpy look. The wand is silicone and has longer bristles on one side and shorter ones on the other, making it easier to comb through the lashes. It makes my non- existent short bottom lashes look amazing!

Overall, I LOVE Wonderland Makeup,
They have created high end products at affordable prices! You can’t beat that!

Lucinda Graham / Instagram @lucinda212
Soolmoz Taylor

The wonderland pigments are my absolute favorite product from this line. You can use them on their own like you would a loose shadow or add a bit of water which really intensifies them. If you are a fan of powdered foundations then you will love their studio finish foundation,  their coverage is very build able but does seem to be on the drier side the more you layer. I would definitely apply some moisturizer on underneath. Their lipsticks are very creamy and soft and again on the build able side so you can go for a more natural or bold look depending on how many layers you apply. Their mascara is another gem! I have very long thick lashes and have a hard time finding mascara that doesn’t clump, I absolutely love both the wonderland mascaras, the brushes allow the mascara to grab each of my hairs and don’t clump them into spider legs. These are not waterproof so I did notice that throughout the day there is some transfer to the bottom of my eyes, but on the plus side taking off the mascara is a breeze and doesn’t damage my lashes in the process. Overall I really love all my wonderland products, they work for my daily makeup needs and can be used for more dramatic makeup looks.

Soolmoz Taylor / Instagram @makeup_by_soolmoz
Sarah Dufresne

“When i tryed Wonderland Makeup for the first time, i was really impressed! Their eyeshadows looks awesome and are super pigmented! And i love the Studio Finish Powder Foundation! It make my skin looking flawless all day long and feels super soft! When i wear Wonderland Makeup i now it stays in place even when I’m getting busy! There are so many different shades of ………..

Blushes, its always hard to decide which one i should wear, because they are all so pretty! And they are amazingly productive! Like everything from Wonderland.. But my forever favorite products are their loose pigments and Glitter! They are perfect for Bodypainting Details but also to set a cute highlight on your everyday makeup! Wonderland Makeup is just a great brand with amazing inexpensive products! I love it!”

Sarah Dufresne / Instagram @lola_von_esche
Diane T

I was honored to be one pf the first to use Wonderland Makeup , they do have a great range of colors either from eyeshadows or blushes , I was able to get a nude blush for deeper skintones which I loved. Also i do love their powder I feel its a bit hybrid between compact powder and loose powder but is great to fight oil. I bring mine everywhere for oil control. For the eyeshadows just make sure you using a base to make sure that the color is at its best. They have a great range of colors and you have day and night looks available. I will recommend this brand because it has a big variety of products for all skintones.

Diane T / Instagram @lipstutorial